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Restorify is a new social enterprise platform that connects tree donors with available land allowing for the creation of new native forests.

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Our future native forests contain the stories of the communities that donated and planted them.

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A New Edible Forest for Sacred Heart!
A New Edible Forest for Sacred Heart!

Following a successful native forest planting mission in 2019 Restorify is back again at Sacred Heart to plant a new Edible Forest for 2021. The new edible forest will consist of Cherries,...

Newry, Down
Planting Date 16 Apr 2021
Last donation 6 months ago

50 trees donated of 50 target

100% Complete
Carrogs Road, Burren
Carrogs Road, Burren

RARE co-founder Colum Sands has kindly donated part of his farmland in Burren, Co. Down to be a restorify mission for 25 new native Irish Oak trees. All newly planted Oaks...

Burren, County Down
Planting Date 21 Dec 2020
Last donation 1 year ago

25 trees donated of 25 target

100% Complete
Síolta Chroí, Carrickmacross
Síolta Chroí, Carrickmacross

Síolta Chroí is a new not for profit cooperative organisation. At Síolta Chroí we are creating a space dedicated to education, exploration, solidarity, healing, transformation and regeneration. We believe that both people...

Aghacloghan, Monaghan
Planting Date 19 Dec 2020
Last donation 11 months ago

300 trees donated of 300 target

100% Complete